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    Talent Agents and Casting Directors from Los Angeles, New York and even in the Midwest "St. Louis, Missouri" want to see you present yourself at your BEST, click on "Sample Dress Code" to see what NOT to wear to auditions.Sample Dress Code

    Testimonial! "MODELING", "ACTING", "LIFE"

    I just wanted to take the time to thank Images Agency for all that you have done for me. I love every workshop that I attended and I am always learning something new. Because of the workshops and continued encouragement, I find it easier to attend auditions and speak in front of people. My confidence has grown tremendously since I have been part of Images Agency. I have had the opportunity to go to photo shoots and be in print ads. None of this would be possible if I didn't have you as a mentor, and Images Agency as a backbone for my success. I hope to continue to be able to do more work in the near future. I have the time of my life at each job I do. Meeting new people and making new memories. I love to model and act. I highly recommend Images Agency to everyone who is interested in modeling and acting. Once again, thank you for all you do!!

    Ashley G.

    Testimonial! "MODELING", "ACTING", "LIFE"

    My son, Ben W. has been taking acting workshops for about 3 months in St. Louis. I want to thank you and all the coaches and owners for working so well with Ben. I fully expected Ben to learn "acting stuff" but the lessons go beyond what I thought was acting stuff are priceless.

    One day at home our two boys, Ben 10 years old and Chris 6 years old had some friends over to play. I found Ben standing by himself just as mad as he could be, so I asked "What's wrong?". Ben said, "I'm so mad at Chris and I just want to sock him in the nose, I would have too, but at acting they say we have to learn to act a certain way and control our emotions." Huh, I thought Ben's mother and I were teaching those lessons, so THANK YOU so much for the help.

    Ben's Dad


    Andrea is an actress of film and stage production both in the US and in France. She is a native of St. Louis, Missouri having also lived in Los Angeles California where she diligently pursued her love for the arts. To see more about Andrea--Request our catalog.

    Hassie is a 25+ year veteran of the entertainment business as an actress, singer and a dancer having worked on stage, in commercials and in films. She is a 15 year member of Actors Equity and has performed extensively in the St. Louis area with such groups as the Black Repertory Company, Historyonics Theatre Company and Hot City Theatre to name a few. To see more about Hassie--Request our catalog.

    Jill has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Theatre and Broadcast Communications from SIU. Jill worked as a news bureau chief for CBS owned Metro Networks. Jill’s reports have been heard up and down the radio dial. Jill ‘s broadcast credits also include coverage of presidential debates, high profile trials, and protests. To see more about Jill--Request our catalog.

    Dr. Ted Huff has been an acting coach for over 20+years. Ted earned his Specialist Degree in Executive Leadership in 2004 and his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Saint Louis University in 2005. To see more about Ted--Request our catalog.

    Make-up Artists:

    BARB Perkins has been a makeup artist for 5+ years. She went to Barcelona Spain to receive her education in Make-up artistry. Her education also includes: Airbrush-Dinair, Tami Scott Makeup Academie, and Maribella. You can see her work in magazines, videos, films, television, and fashion shows; Associated Video Productions, History Channel, Box Car Productions, Ebony, Central Missouri Bride Magazine, Denim Conture, and many more.

    KRISTY Kuster has been a makeup artist for 11+ years. As a makeup artist, I can enhance anyone's natural beauty but can also create more dramatic, glamorous, fun looks using assorted colors and techniques. I work with my clients to achieve the look they want and that will work the best for each individual project. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, so no detail goes unnoticed. I truly enjoy every minute of my job as a makeup artist and aesthetician. It allows room to be creative and let my artistic abilities flow because the possibilities are endless!