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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get into this industry?

In truth, it isn't as hard as you may think. The entertainment industry should be looked at as any other activity that you would participate in. Dancing, singing, gymnastics, soccer, football, baseball, and golf all require good coaching and practicing. Proper marketing - submitting your resume and pictures for opportunities are tools that are needed to obtain interviews with agents/managers/companies.

The more coaching, knowledge, and experience you have the more likely you are to get an audition or job. The less coaching and knowledge a candidate has, the more patient the actor/model must be willing to be. In the end, there are specific paths one can take to introduce themselves into the "new faces" market. For more information go to the "Getting started" page.

How do I get started?

You can apply online and we will call you or you can call us
(314) 372-0500 and make an appointment so that we can see you in person. Images St. Louis believes that ANYONE from the Midwest with enough determination and passion deserves a chance to showcase themselves in front of the decision makers.

We are looking for people to place in local assignments, as well as, the next breakout talent or model. During your initial audition we do not look for nor do we judge "perfection". We look for potential, marketability, and desire from the entire family or support system. Once we select these qualified individuals we develop, market, and place them.

What kind of work does your Agency book?

Our Agency books commercials, feature films, industrials (corporate training videos), magazines, corporate brochures, fashion shows, informal modeling, print (packaging, posters, brochures, billboards, newspaper ads, websites, direct mailers, etc.), and promotional work (representing companies at trade shows, conventions, community events), and voice overs. To see some of our successes go to our "Successes" page.

Do I have to take training to become a model or actor?

The entertainment industry is fast-paced and constantly changing, and agents and directors need faces and talent now. These busy professionals prefer a well-prepared candidate to one who lacks polish, experience or coaching. Workshops can be a vital advantage in any highly competitive field. Besides, the skills and knowledge acquired during coaching can be applied to other life skill endeavors. Self-confidence and self-esteem are essential elements in being successful in any industry. This will be a life long benefit in any career you choose.

Actors should always engage in coaching or workshops and usually continue throughout life... especially if they want to remain competitive in the industry. Most top movie stars still train with acting coaches & dialogue coaches for upcoming roles and to improve their craft.

Acting workshops offer beginners all the basics and confidence they need to enter the field of acting. For more information go to our "Coaching" page.

What makes us different than other agencies?

Images Agency Models & Actors has been in their Frontenac location in St. Louis, Missouri, 25+ years. During this time, we have seen agencies come and go.

Most of our potential models or actors worry, “Will I get a job?” Most potential applicants never worry about their safety at a job, or asking themselves, “Will I get my money for doing this job?” Some agencies use your job booking money to pay their bills instead of paying you. Subsequently, you call the client to complain you did not get paid. At this time, you then find out from the client, that they sent your check to the agency months ago. You are then in a predicament. That agency has used your money to pay their bills and have no money for you. Because of your call to the client, the client now knows the agency they used is not reputable and they do not use that agency again. This creates a cash flow problem for that agency. Then they go out of business. In over twenty-five years, we have never had a person not receive a paycheck. We always check out clients that book our models/actors to make sure they are reputable, honest, and creditworthy. Our good work ethics make us strong, reliable, customer service oriented, and dependable.
As a potential model or actor you cannot ask for more!

Our Agency has several marketing websites that our clients can peruse Images talent:

-- To see our babies, ages 3mos-4yrs old iaTots

-- To see our new faces, ages 5-80yrs old SnapTyro

-- To see working talent; iaView

Clients must go through a thorough check and pre-approval from our Agency Director to book any of our models and talent. We provide a service for our clients if they are looking for specifics, such as; age, race, height, weight, etc. We have an extensive data base to do any kind of search to fit their criteria.

Images Agency Models & Actors is our non-union booking agency. Images is bonded by the Illinois/Missouri Department of Labor. Images Agency is a team of knowledgeable specialists experienced in the search, screening, and placement of models/actors/talent for local, national, and international companies.

We charge a 20% booking fee on all assignments booked through our Agency. You as a model/actor do not personally hand us 20% of your moneys earned, rather, the client pays us and we retain 20% and you get 80% in the form of a check paid to the model/actor.

If an agency really wants me, shouldn't they pay for everything?

This is a common misconception. Many agencies have loaned the funds for photos, coaching, and other materials in the past, only to get stiffed by the very same people they tried to help. Agencies are not banks and therefore should not be expected to loan money. If a model/actor is serious about being in the business, they should find a way to pay for their own expenses.

There are certain things a talent/model will almost ALWAYS be expected to pay for: photos with a photographer and coaching or workshops, if needed. Agents and managers EXPECT you to continue to train and hone your skills as an artist. You are also expected to keep current headshots and/or comp cards of yourself. Since a large part of this business is image based, one cannot expect to obtain work with four year old pictures that no longer look like you. In any career, training and marketing are an up-front investment of time and money.

The most successful models and actors will tell you that the learning process never ends. In today’s fast-paced environment, very few agencies in the world will front costs necessary to begin a model’s or actors career. There ARE “discoveries”, but like lottery winners, they are rare. The vast majority of professionals have to work for their success. At Images Agency Models and Actors in St. Louis, give you the coaching, guidance and confidence to help you attain your goals in the entertainment industry.

Am I guaranteed a job?

Missouri Law does not allow any agency to guarantee job placement . . . as our clients select the models/actors they wish to use. The amount of work you book can vary greatly based on your look, age group, and level of experience. This is why we cannot promise work. Your availability and your work ethic also are a huge consideration for placement.

Is everyone "selected" that interviews with this Agency?

Absolutely Not! We get a ton of inquiries daily. We are looking for people with a high level of interest and dependability. When our models/actors meet top industry professionals their conduct is a direct reflection of our Company. Our relationships with our clients, advertising agencies and casting directors are excellent because we are known for presenting only the most talented, enthusiastic and professional candidates.

Will this interrupt my education or current job?

This is part time work. If a job occurs during school/work hours, you decide if you can do it based on the hours and rate of pay. We believe that a solid academic foundation should be a young person’s first priority. Images Agency's policy is to work only with those who strive for academic excellence.

Who are our clients?

Client lists are confidential - as clients pay us a fee so they do not have to deal with the public. Client names are only given out when a job is offered to you.

How much money can I make if I am listed with your Agency?

Rates vary depending on the type of job you are doing, the client’s budget, and many other variables associated with the booking. Models and actors get involved in St. Louis because it is something they truly enjoy and have a passion for.

Where will jobs occur?

Most jobs are within a 1/2 mile to 45 miles from our office in St. Louis. If jobs exceed 45 miles of St. Louis the client will typically reimburse for travel/mileage, but this is not always guaranteed.

How long do babies usually work?

The average is 1-2 hours at each job.

Will I be with my child at the jobs?

Always, it is a STATE law.

If I work under an hour, how much pay will I receive?

You will receive the full hour of pay. You are always guaranteed at least 1 hour of pay for any job assignment.

Will I get copies of my work?

This is not the clients' responsibility; however, someone might see the ad and let you know.

What is the difference between a job and a "go see/interview/audition"?

Only a job equals money and go see/interview/audition are a meeting to see your personality.

What if I accept a job and get sick or can't go for one reason or another?

Contact the Agency A.S.A.P. as we must find a replacement. In turn, that is why we may contact you about a job at the last moment because someone has canceled. Many times we have months/weeks/days to schedule you but cancellations do occur. We work for the client.

Will my agent be with me on a job?

Not always.

Does the Agency book any jobs which involve nudity?

Absolutely Not. We are a reputable Agency with reputable clients.

Do I need a new wardrobe?

No. Everyday clothes which are clean and pressed are fine. At certain jobs, clients will provide your wardrobe.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

Images Agency has been in business since 1988. We have an A+ rating and BBB Business Accredited. This is an ego business. You need to come in, see us, and talk to us. Make your own decisions. Don't make your decisions on someone else's comments. People will not tell the truth about their own journey in this industry.